When they met!!

Gratifying the yearning soil, fell that first raindrop,

That long wait finally coming to stop.

To meet, get absorbed and become one,

Perfect contact, like it had with none.

And when they meet, they become whole,

Union so pious, can be smelled, odour that feeds your soul !!

Temporary it is, despite being so complete,

And they have to keep waiting to meet again and again, to repeat!!


Maybe, she came just to tell,

How love should be and the right way,

And love is something much more than, for what i fell!!

I know, she cant stay,

But i dnt know, if i will ever feel the same way!!

A whole lifetime been lived, in those few moments with her,

Her memories rooted in my heart, in a way which nobody can stir!!

Like a puzzle!!

With no gaps in between , not even a bit,

Like a puzzle, we two fit !!

Waiting to come together,

To make more sense than, when farther!!

I know!!

I know how it feels not to ace,

I know to handle that regretful & self doubting phase!!

I know that pain of not winning but being almost there,

I know how to overcome that feeling of life is unfair!!

I know how to smile even after failing,

I know to stay positive and keep sailing!!

What i dont know is the taste of victory, being the best,

Left with no scope of getting better, to self appreciate and rest!!

An average mediocre girl !!

Heartless, is she?

Her heart is crying out loud,

Yes it is!!

Still not heard by any,

Emotionless she is, thought by many!!

It was not her indifference but her success,

In hiding that internal mess!!

Prabhsimran kaur

“ I lied..”

After bidding goodbye, a part of me was happy,

As i didn’t repeat the same mistake again, ending up feeling crappy.

And a part cried,

but to myself “you did right, am happy”, once again i lied!!

Prabhsimran kaur

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