Little things!!


My feelings have gone away,
“You are my world” i used to say.
You had a key to my heart’s door,
Why dont i feel it anymore.
Is it cz of u or me?
Was it even true or just a love spree.
Maybe ur ignorance is behind it,
Or maybe we are a misfit.
I wish, like before we can talk.
I wish, i could have kept those feelings in  lock.

Dear, everything is like before,
U cant feel the same anymore,
 bcz we have reached that comfort zone
N our love has just grown.
Its not the ignorance but the work,
Your wishes, my responsibilties ,i dont want to shirk.

Me and Subway !!


(Pic credits: Google images)

 I am a very shy girl who can get nervous on any and everything.I am more comfortable staying at home but it doesnt mean i dont like travelling.Its just that i want to stay under the cover bcz of which i let others lead . It feels safe maybe bcz i am an overprotected child.

I would rather die than to talk to strangers, face to face, though I can write the same thing so well.

The first time i went to subway.Thank God, it was not alone , i was accompanied by my brother.It feels people behind the counter there, are to judge you and mock you.My brother was getting it prepared and i was wondering , how smart he is.But i kind of decided, i  am never ever going to come here alone.That was totally not my kind of place.

Few days later, a friend of mine took me there and i could not say no.she was busy on phone and asked me to order.Dying was an easy option, i could think of, than to order.

I looked at the person behind the counter .I decided i wont let my fear show on my face and will act smart and confident.I feel people mock you more ,if u act weak.

I was getting prepared with the answers  in my mind and then he bombarded me with questions.Well , i was great at them somehow .
Now the last thing , i knew he would ask me if i would like to dine or take away.
So i was ready with my answer.
But my luck ditched me as he asked “mam , dining or u want to get it packed”
I just vomited the answer which i repeated many times in my mind just to remember  and i said “no , take away”.

Then i realised what a blunder i have committed.i gave him what he wanted , a reason to laugh at me and judge me.He was almost laughing and i foolishly smiled hiding my mouth with hand.

To make it worse his colleague asked him if it was to be packed.He was evil, he looked at me and said “no , mam want to take away” and he smirked.
I just wanted to ran away.

Well there are many such incidents but let me tell you,i have become much better at it.
We all have fears,its better to face and overcome them before they overpower you.


Pic Credits: Google Images

We get distressed because a tree fall in our way,
But what we dont see,is that pit under the tree we could have fallen into!!

We may not get everything and in the way we thought of.Life may not turn out as we have planned.Its  just like a  hurdle race,where we will keep getting hurdles.What we do is, on seeing the hurdle; we are not ready to accept it bcz what we thought of, was a smooth happy journey where we didn’t leave any scope of sorrow or failures.We start blaming God and cannot stop asking the question, why am i the sufferer??
We start comparing with others but what we forget is, everybody has a differnet journey, maybe he has already passed off his hurdles unlike you or maybe he is also going through same but apparently different kind of hurdle.
Never let difficulties put you to a halt.Keep moving with a hope that everthing happens for the best and for a reason.Sometimes we get to know that and sometimes we dont.

I wish

What i hear, are innocent chimes;Whenever i recall the childhood times.

Devoid of all worries, cheerful n plain;
I wish i could go back there again..

If meanness and not trying to be in other shoe;
If overthinking and staying burdened is what grown ups do.
I dont want anymore to be sane;
I wish i could go back there again.

Getting tired was fun , when it was cz of playing;
Cz tiredness of these long hours jobs is slaying .
For earlier sleep used to help but is not good enough for this bane;
I wish i could go back there again.

When a mom’s kiss used to cure the pain of a scar on knee;
But not the permanent ones on heart from which one cannot even flee.
We hide the pain now , which earlier we used to feign;
I wish i could go back there again.

Seeking freedom

Undoubtedly world is no more a safe place for girls, but what makes me sad is why girls have to suffer for that.Its basically suffering for “being a girl”.They are subjected to restrictions.They are being stopped from doing simple things like going out at night, what if she wants to see the world in night, maybe she finds that starry night more beautiful.

These restrictions will affect her self confidence and will always make her feel dependent.She would never feel selfsufficient.She would fear to face the world alone and it will become the part of her personality.
you say; she is weak,
Help and a man’s shoulder is what she will always seek.
But you never even left her to get tough,
How could have she been one, when not even once she was exposed to rough.

Set her free in the world and dont be low,
As only then she will face , suffer ,learn and grow.
With all this;she will b strong and a lot will she learn,
So dont let your fears overpower your concern.

It has been troubling me since long back,Why is life a blend of white and black.

Why is it even there ; The Sadness,
Why cant it be all happy and painless.

Seeing some people i have got a clue,
Maybe its to keep a check on humans and the things they do.

No pain and all good makes you insensitive and evil,
While suffering cleanses the soul and keeps you humble and civil.