“Glorious And Strong Enough”


No storm or season, could make it fall,

Isn’t it incredible, how, even today it stand so strong and tall!!

Must have seen bad and good,

But all these years, straight and gloriously it has stood!!


“Parents be like”

When troubled, mothers tell about it from our face,

And fathers teach us, the strength and about how to face!!

She fills us with the mental support,

And he helps us, to handle troubles and to abort!!


Change is hard, Change is New,

At first,resisted by many, accepted by few.

Don’t keep holding onto past, searching for same comfort,

Trust new or you might loose an opportunity, just not to get failed or hurt.

And soon when u will look back, you will be better,

Adapted and adjusted, exploring new and nomore will it matter!!

“About first love”

maxresdefault(Pic credits: google images)


So pure and raw, it is such,

Full of innocence while dreaming is much!!


So selfless and full of giving, it is,

you are ready to give whole of yourself for this.


It becomes hard to stop thinking about it,

you feel, none but you both, are a perfect fit.


Suddenly those love songs starts making sense,

you start feeling butterflies,all feelingsĀ  get so dense.


You are lucky if it works, cz its first love, oh dear!!

and heart once broken would never love the same way, i swear..



Fight makes it stronger!!


(Pic credits: google images)


What i hate, are conflicts and fights,

And the following, regrets and self blame, filled nights.

But they bring clarity, are somehow good,

You will find each other more nearer than, earlier where you stood.

It helps you get rid of all the doubts, you did keep,

And the love just grows deep!!



Human, the only intelligent creature,

Is trying his best to destroy the only Flawless thing, ‘Nature’!!


Unless u actually feel like doing it, dont make a call,
Cz later on harping on, about the favours you did will nullify them all.

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