You are so clear and blue,
Its been long, since i have been waiting for u.
I have to keep moving,take me along,
As to just one place, i dont belong.
Hearing those soothing sounds of waves, lets explore,
Come and take me away from this shore!!

— Sand


Another wish!!


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I wish, for a day, i could leave this skin of mine,
And face the world with a different shine.
Not so kind and submissive,but a rebel,
Total badass, not less than a girl from hell.
Not dared, to be taken for granted,
Just with the idea of it, i am enchanted!!πŸ’­πŸ™†πŸ’ƒπŸ”₯

When everything gets dark!!


Trying to keep everything under control;
Trying to make everything work out as we want;
Will not be possible always,
And we will end up trying and feeling miserable.
Instead at such times when everything seems falling and dark,
Leave it, appreciate the way things are unfolding.
Try to make the best out of it.
Trust the unpredictability of life,
It might lead you to somewhere,
Much better and much away, beyond your limits.πŸ˜‡βœŒ

You will see!!


Sitting close, by the side of that lake,
Their hands, not perfectly fitting, but that doesnt make it fake.
All the problems, together they face,
Each other’s flaws and differences, happily they embrace.
Her head over his shoulder, can u see?;
Its u and me!!
If u cant ,you will have to waitΒ little more,
Bcz that moment is worth waiting for!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

Thank You!!

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In that dark lonely silence,
my mind, with rushing thoughts and conflicts, so full and dense,
Eyes full with tears,when everything is so blur,
You, like a reliable listener,
Comfort me, absorb my tears while i weep,
Thanku so much “my Pillow” for putting me to sleep!!



Dont be so Blinded!!

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Blinded by your egoes, you continued shouting,
You forgot, your child is in the age of sprouting.
In your anger, you couldnt think beyond,
But just about breaking your bond.
You spoke all ill ,forgetting about that innocent face,
He listened to each and every word , went into a phase.
U cant even think of, the kind of impact it has left,
The whole night, he couldnt slept.
His dream of happy family ,what about it,
All those voices falling into his ears ,”we need to split”.
Seeing all that violence ,he just wanted to run,
That emotional damage can never be undone.

Reality check!!

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Finally she was with him,
Her happiness knew no bounds ,coming out of brim.
She got her prince charming,she always dreamt of,
But soon, her excitement went off.
She doesnt find it anymore cute,
Those noisy eating sounds,she wished, somehow she could mute.
His childlike face while sleeping, she wants to admire,
But his snores, doesnt set her anymore on fire.
His burps making her more sad,
She sat to think all about it,she realised and felt bad.
Its her fault to make an image, too perfect,
He is a normal human and like that will he act.
She realised ,Love is above all this,
And will accept him,the way he is.πŸ’–