Diwali time..

Good things end..

Why does good things even come, when they have to leave in the end?

Maybe to save from not so good things for more good things!!

The Real Power!!

Fame, knowledge, money can bring a short timed delusional power,

But a life lost in less than even a second, will make you feel nothing in front of that Supreme power!!

When it’s there, right there

But you can’t have it!!

Cz some things are supposed to be just adored, loved and everything but possessed

True love!!

Unplanned and unthought of,

Completely Effortless,

Demandless and selfless much,

Needless of commitments, true love is such!!

You are that pious sin,

I won’t mind committing again and again!!

Prabhsimran kaur

When stuck, life opens you doors, they say,

But did they tell, it’s either none or then many at once!!

Yes, it does know!!

Soul feeding touch,

Igniting and Intensive much!!

Entangling gaze of eyes,

With just one hug, anxiety dies!!

Hands held and every bit and piece,

Gets that peace!!

Feelings getting intense, me ending in self doubting, more and more

If i have ever really fallen, before!!

Before i can say what i want to,

You utter it, as that was what you thought too!!

About soulmate, they say, its just that ‘you know’,

Despite all denying, all efforts not to believe, my heart has always known,

Yes, it does know!!

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